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Premium Reef Salt Natural Balance, 20 Kg

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Product details

Premium Reef Salt Natural Balance is a highly purified synthetic salt mixture for the perfect marine water aquarium with water identical to natural marine water. Premium Reef Salt Natural Balance is enriched with over 70 trace elements. To achieve optimal marine water conditions, the ratio of all minerals and trace elements matches that of natural conditions and they are present in the concentrations that occur in natural marine water. Based on the latest substantiated findings in marine research, Premium Reef Salt Natural Balance produces a marine water that optimises the water quality and living conditions for the fish and corals in the aquarium.

Premium marine salt to meet the highest requirements of modern reef aquaria

  • Natural Balance Formula produces water identical to natural marine water
  • balanced ratio of minerals and trace elements
  • guarantees perfect coral growth
  • suitable for even the most sensitive species
  • outstanding solubility
  • when dissolved, immediately ready for use
  • free of chelates and nitrates
  • with over 70 trace elements
  • manufactured under strictly controlled conditions from high-quality raw materials
Premium Reef Salt Natural Balance
Salinity ppt 33 34 35 36
Ca mg 396 408 420 432
Mg mg 1225 1260 1300 1340
KH / alkalinity 7,5 7,7 8 8,5
K mg 364 378 390 400

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