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Paracoccus Powder ( Astaxanthin Powder)

Paracoccus (astaxanthin powder) is derived from the bacteria, Paracoccus carotinifaciens, grown in a controlled environment. P. carotinifaciens is a natural source of astaxanthin and other carotenoids and is used in both aquaculture and ornamental fish husbandry to improve or maintain the coloration in fish and shrimp when incorporated into the diet. Nearly all of Brine Shrimp Direct's flakes, both conventional and COOL, contain significant amounts of paracoccus, spirulina, and/or carophyll to improve pigmentation in ornamental fish.

Paracoccus contains approximately 2.1% astaxanthin.

The primary Carotenoids found in paracoccus are: Astaxanthin, 22 g/kg; Adonirubin, 8 g/kg, and; Canthaxanthin, 2 g/kg.

Proximate analysis: Moisture 4.5% w/w; Crude Protein 45.3% w/w; Crude Fat 7.9 %w/w; Crude Fibre <0.1 % w/w; Crude Ash 7.2 % w/w; Nitrogen-free extract 35.2 % w/w.

Store in a cool dry place. Keep bags tightly closed or vacuum-sealed if possible to slow oxidation.



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