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Algae & Enrichments

Marine, fresh and brackish water microalga provide some of the most nutritious feed for salt water invertebrates and filter-feeders, marine and freshwater fish and shrimp. When live algae is not available, the next best solution is to add one of our microalgae concentrates to your tank system. By starting at the base of the food chain, you will be able to grow and enrich zooplankton for your fish larvae and invertebrates. Live corals will actively respond when marine microalgae is added to the reef aquarium.

Algae Paste products ship on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays unless other arrangements are made. Two day transit is required. 

 Live algae starter cultures of  Tetraselmis and Nannochloropsis are available.  Orders can be placed over the phone at  801-782-4700.

Carophyll Pink 1 oz.


Nori Sheets, 20 g


Pavlova Algae Paste, 125 ml


Spirulina Powder, 2 oz.


Carophyll Pink 8 oz.


Nori Sheets, 100 g


Pavlova Algae Paste, 500 ml.


imagecoming soon
S.presso, 125 ml.


Spirulina Powder, 8 oz.


Carophyll Pink 16 oz.


imagecoming soon
S.presso , 500 ml.


Spirulina Powder, 16 oz.



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