Frozen Rotifers

High quality frozen red rotifers eliminate dependence on time-consuming and unreliable cultures. A "no fuss" solution to scaled-up breeding. Concentrated frozen rotifers are a natural source of the fatty acids DHA and EPA. Their small size and high digestibility make the rotifers an ideal food for larval fish, zooplankton, coral, and other filter feeders, both freshwater and saltwater. Rinsed and packed in sterile water in a convenient cube pack or flat pack! Flash-frozen to retain nutritional integrity and natural shape.

Typical Analysis:
Crude Protein 4% Min.,
Crude Fat 1% Min.,
Crude Fiber 0.5% Max.,
Moisture 94.0% Max.
Ingredients: Rotifers, water.

Feeding Suggestions: Small multiple feedings for young fry. For reefs, once or twice daily.