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Freeze Dried Bloodworms

High protein, whole-bodied Freeze-Dried Bloodworms are actually midge fly larvae (Chironomids) that make a wonderful treat for both marine and freshwater fish. Chironomid larvae are harvested from lakes and slow-moving rivers, purged of detrital material in fresh water, flash frozen and freeze dried to preserve both their nutrient value (as high as 60% protein) and their organoleptic qualities.

Bloodworms are good motivators for finicky fish and are especially appreciated by your bettas. One or two bloodworms per betta per feeding is an ample amount. Alternate with high quality flakes or microparticle diets. Our bloodworms are of particularly high quality. They are not over-dried, remaining pliable and highly digestible.

Freeze Dried Bloodworms, 16 oz.


Freeze Dried Bloodworms, 3 kg.




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