Freeze Dried Rotifers

Freeze Dried Rotifers are the naturally-enriched feed for nearly all larval fish, both marine and freshwater. The small size (100-200 microns) of this zooplanktonic organism allows them to be easily ingested into the mouths of baby fish. Naturally enriched by microalgae, rotifers are highly digestible and high in protein (60%). This convenient freeze-dried form of this widely-used feed enables anyone to deliver the benefits of rotifer nutrition without the hassle and unpredictability of live cultures. Scale-up your production with confidence! Freeze-dried Rotifers are nutritious and affordable. Proximate Analysis: Protein, 60%; Fat, 11%; Ash, 11%; Fiber, 5%; Moisture 7.7%. Bulk Density: 0.144gm/cm3

Freeze Dried Rotifers, 0.5 oz.


Freeze-Dried Rotifers, 2 oz.


Freeze Dried Rotifers, 8 oz.