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Cool Mix

"...I just wanted to let you know that I have been using the Zooplankton Plus Flakes on my discus and freshwater angelfish with tremendous results. I used to feed them un-named competitor, I now use the Zooplankton Plus flakes only. It results in excellent color, growth and breeding. I also raise IFGA Show guppies. For them, I put the Zooplankton Plus Flakes, Earthworm Plus and Phytoplankton Plus Flakes in a blender and pulverize them into meal. This makes an excellent guppy food mixture...I really believe BSD has the best flake foods around." S.C., Kearney, MO

COOL MIX (formerly Tropical Flake Medley) is a carefully considered blend of FOUR of our most popular AQUANIX low temperature formulations - COOL COLOR - a brine shrimp-backed, color-enhancing formula with over 400 ppm astaxanthin, our krill-rich COOL CICHLID (formerly Zooplankton Plus), COOL GARLIC with proven immunomodulators and the benefits of allicin,  and COOL GREEN (formerly Phytoplankton Plus) made with spirulina, kelp, chlorella and schizochitrium. This nutritionally-complete blend of marine and plant-based protein formulations make COOL MIX a widely accepted, multi-faceted diet used for both freshwater and marine community tanks.

COOL MIX is a robust, full-bodied flake, but can be ground up and used for small and medium-sized fish.


We employ a different process to make our AQUANIX line of premium flake diets. COOL COOKING METHODOLOGY helps to ensure that the key ingredients that comprise our AQUANIX diets remain intact from start to finish. Because many essential amino acids, vitamins, flavourants, lipids and beneficial bacteria are heat labile, conventional flake processes destroy or alter the very qualities a formulator (or fish breeder) wants to see included in a premium fish diet. That is why we are willing to spend a little more money and a little more time for a processing technology that operates at half the temperature of conventional flakers. Nearly as important as the formulation, our process results in better protein retention and water stability than found in conventional flake. We're confident that you'll see the added value in your fish, in their health and in their appearance.

COOL MIX, like all AQUANIX Flake Diets, not only has exceptional water stability, but it also contains viable beneficial bacteria that can facilitate the conversion of fish waste and uneaten food into harmless microbial biomass and carbon dioxide -  so you'll see an improvement in your water quality as well. 

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Habitat Key

fresh water fish food FRESHWATER
salt water fish food SALTWATER
salt and freshwater fish food FRESH & SALTWATER
Cool Mix, 3 oz. (85 g)


salt and freshwater fish food
Cool Mix, 16 oz. (454 g)


salt and freshwater fish food
Cool Mix, 3 lb. pail


salt and freshwater fish food
Cool Mix, 10 lb. Pail


salt and freshwater fish food
Cool Mix, 20 lb. Box



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