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Specialty Fish Food | Freeze Dried Fish Food

A variety of feeds for all your aquarium's needs, including sun-dried sea vegetables, freeze-dried krill, mysis shrimp, bloodworms and other natural prey items.

Freeze Dried Daphnia, 2 oz.


Freeze Dried Rotifers, 0.5 oz.


Freeze-Dried Copepods, 0.5 oz


Freeze Dried Daphnia, 8 oz.


Freeze-Dried Copepods, 2 oz.


Freeze-Dried Rotifers, 2 oz.


Freeze Dried Bloodworms, 16 oz.


Freeze Dried Bloodworms, 3 kg.


Freeze Dried Rotifers, 8 oz.


Freeze-Dried Copepods, 8 oz.




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