Nannochloropsis Algae Paste

Nannochloropsis sp. is a small green algae, 2 - 4 microns in diameter, that is used extensively in the aquaculture industry for growing small zooplankton such as rotifers, copepods, daphnia and artemia. It is also used extensively in reef tanks for feeding SPS corals and other filter-feeders that require extremely small phytoplankton to thrive. General useage guideline: 1 - 2 drops for every 10 gallons aquaria. Available in a convenient 125 ml. for hobbyists

NOTE: Off-the-shelf Nannochloropsis Algae Paste no longer contains food grade glycerine as a cryopreservative to prevent the algae from freezing solid when kept at below freezing temperatures. For daily use, Nannochloropsis Algae Paste should be stored in a refrigerator (32 to 37 Fahrenheit) to maintain its optimum nutritional value and freshness for up to a period of three months. The product can also be kept frozen (as a solid) for long term storage.

Concentration: Approx. 70 billion cells per milliliter. Contents: non-viable Nannochloropsis sp. algal cells, water. Dry weight: 20% Analysis: 35% Protein, 7.5% Carbohydrate, 18% Lipid (approx. 3.5% of the lipid fraction consists of the essential HUFA, eicosa-pentaenoic acid.


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Nannochloropsis Algae Paste, 125 ml


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Nannochloropsis Algae Paste, 500 ml