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Plankton Gold Flake - LT

Plankton Gold LT Flake is a great source of natural colorants that will bring out the most vibrant colors possible in your fish. Its balanced nutritional formula promotes rapid growth and health.

To aid in the sustainability of our ocean’s resources, we are adding highly nutritious black soldier fly larvae to our LT diets. This allows us to reduce our reliance on pelagic fish, krill and other resources that are increasingly under pressure. We don't cut corners in the formulation of our flakes, but we do try to make effective use of the proteins that are available to us!

Plankton Gold LT Flake contains highly-digestible fish protein combined with carotenoid-rich zooplankton, including both Euphausia pacifica krill and Arctic copepods. You can dispense with messy, home-made diets! Plankton Gold LT Flake contains paracoccus (source of astaxanthin), beta-carotene and spirulina (Arthrospira platensis) algae - ingredients containing carotenoids your fish require to realize their true colors. A preferred choice for commercial breeders, Plankton Gold LT Flake is recommended for fast growing fry or as a primary feed for colorful ornamentals. It is also great for finicky eaters.

Our low temperature (LT) process results in improved protein and vitamin retention and improved water stability when compared with conventionally processed flake.

Brine Shrimp Direct's products are trusted by public aquaria, universities, government fish hatcheries, the NOAA, the EPA and laboratories throughout North America.

Ingredients: Hydrolized fish protein, soy protein, artemia (by wet weight), torula yeast, wheat flour, wheat gluten, egg, casein, black soldier fly larvae, brewers yeast, krill meal, refined marine fish oil, lecithin, calanoid copepod powder, spirulina, Paracoccus, beta-carotene, vitamin C (1,750 ppm), vitamin and mineral premix, beneficial bacteria. Contains no artificial coloring or added chemical preservatives.


Proximate Analysis: Protein, 45%; Fat, 12%; Ash, 6%; Moisture, 6%; 100 ppm astaxanthin.

[Updated 10.13.21]

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Plankton Gold Flake - LT, 16 oz.

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