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Cool Cichlid

The protein-rich ingredients comprising our popular Cool Cichlid Flake are gently dried so that the nutritional value and natural flavourants derived from fresh frozen and high quality ingredients, like fresh frozen Pacific krill and North Sea Arctic copepods, remain largely intact from start to finish, igniting the powerful feeding instinct in fish, aquarium-kept and wild! Our proprietary cool cooking methodology results in a full-bodied, water-stable flake that won't fall apart - making it a popular choice for tank busters. Formerly Zooplankton Plus - still made with 250 ppm astaxanthin!

COOL CICHLID also includes beneficial bacteria to facilitate the conversion of fish and food waste into microbial biomass and harmless carbon dioxide. Unlike beneficial bacteria touted in conventionally processed flakes and pellets, the bacteria in COOL CICHLID remain viable through the Cool Cooking process.

Over 50 lbs. of fresh frozen Krill pacifica go into every 250-lb. batch!

Ingredients: Fish hydrolysate, fresh frozen zooplankton, yeast, soy, egg, casein, gluten, krill, fresh frozen Arctic copepods, spirulina, phospholipids, marine fish oil, Paracoccus (natural source of astaxanthan), stabilized Vitamin C, vitamin and mineral premix. No artificial colors or preservatives.

Made in small batches to ensure freshness. Minimal fines.

Proximate Analysis: Protein, 49.6%; Fat, 15%; Ash, 4.7%; Moisture, 12.8%; Fiber, 2%; Vitamin C, 1,750 ppm*; Astaxanthin, 250 ppm*. (Midwest Laboratories. Feb 1, 2023)

*Calculated values.

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Habitat Key

fresh water fish food FRESHWATER
salt water fish food SALTWATER
salt and freshwater fish food FRESH & SALTWATER
Cool Cichlid, 16 oz. (454 g)


salt and freshwater fish food
Cool Cichlid 3 lb. pail


salt and freshwater fish food
Cool Cichlid, 20 lb Box


salt and freshwater fish food
imagecoming soon
Cool Cichlid, 10 lb. pail




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