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Medicated Flake - LT

COOL MED Medicated Brine Shrimp Flake with 2% Metronidazole is an effective way to control and eliminate the causative agents of hexamitosis and hole-in-the head disease and certain causes of bloat.  To effectively treat freshwater fish, metronidazole must be administered orally or in the food.  Medicated Brine Shrimp Flake allows you to effectively treat fish without sacrificing nutrition.  Metronidazole is effective against hexamita, octomita, "hole-in-the-head" (and side) disease, many causes of bloat and has shown some usefulness against cryptocaryon and ich.  Do not use repeatedly.  Our COOL MED Medicated Brine Shrimp Flake is gently dried for superior processing, stability and nutrient retention. COOL MED is enhanced with the proven immunostimulants, spirulina, high allicin garlic and stabilized vitamin C. One to three days' feedings are recommended in combination with measures to restore water quality.

WARNING! Buyer acknowledges that the use of this medicated feed and/or compound on food fish or in aquaponics is a violation of FDA regulations.

Buyer will hold Brine Shrimp Direct harmless for any problems that may result from the inappropriate use of this medicated feed and/or compound.

Buyer will not sell or give the medicated feed and/or compound to a food fish producer.

Buyer acknowledges that purchase records are kept on file and are available for inspection by the FDA at any time.

Ingredients: Fresh frozen copepods, artemia and/or mysis (wet wt.), high-protein fish hydrolysate, soy protein, torula yeast, gluten, egg, brewers yeast, casein, wheat flour, krill meal, spirulina, lecithin, shell-free artemia, menhaden oil, vitamin C (2,500 ppm), vitamin & mineral pre-mix, metronidazole (2%), high-allicin garlic, choline chloride. 

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