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Frozen Ay Caribe Reef Mix

AY CARIBE FROZEN REEF MIX is prepared in convenient cube trays for small reef tanks or frozen flats for large-volume aquaria.

AY CARIBE FROZEN REEF MIX is a public aquarium-worthy mix of zooplankton and phytoplankton targeting small fish and filter-feeders in a reef environment. AY CARIBE contains fresh frozen rinsed and prepared ingredients including krill pacifica, herring roe, red calanoid copepods, rotifers, ground bivalve meat, spirulina, tetraselmis, nanochloropsis, garlic, alginate and vitamins.

All presentations of AY CARIBE contain viable beneficial bacteria to facilitate the conversion of fish waste and uneaten food into harmless microbial biomass and carbon dioxide - so you'll see an improvement in water quality as well as in the overall health of your aquarium.


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