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Freeze Dried Daphnia

Brine Shrimp Direct has secured a reliable source of one of Nature's most nutritious foods, wild-harvested Daphnia pulicaria. Daphnia, a small crustacean also known as a "water flea," is organic and naturally full of blue-green algae, making it a natural source of HUFA's, including Arachidonic Acid, Alpha-Linolenic Acid and Linoeic Acid. The daphnia is preserved by a freeze-drying process that results in excellent retention of nutrients and flavourants. Our Daphnia product contains no binders or artificial ingredients. The particle size ranges from 500 microns to 1,000 microns and is best suited for larval fish and fry. Dried Product Analysis: Crude Protein, min 55%; Fat, min. 7.5%; Fiber, max. 8%; Ash, max. 14%; Moisture, ave. 9%; Phosphorous, 0.4%. Origin: China.


A critical link in the aquatic food chain, Daphnia is perfect for small fry, bettas and guppies and is well-received by a variety of saltwater fish.

Freeze Dried Daphnia, 2 oz.


Freeze Dried Daphnia, 8 oz.




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