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Raw-No-Thaw Arctic Copepods

Fresh North Atlantic Calanoid Copepods, beautiful, red and rich in carotenoid pigments, are harvested, frozen and preserved in food grade ingredients that allow the product to remain soft and pliable at sub-freezing temperatures. No thawing necessary. Simply remove NEW WAVE COPEPODS from the freezer, rinse lightly and feed to reef tanks or freshwater fish. Well-suited and nutritious for juvenile fish. Order from Brine Shrimp Direct. From here to your freezer, directly to your tank. It could not be easier or more convenient.

AQUANIX NEW WAVE COPEPODS measure approximately 500 microns in diameter, 800 microns in length. Food grade ingredients are easily broken down by beneficial bacteria in your system. 

Protein, 5.8%; Fat, 2.8%; Fiber, 0.9%; Phosphorus, 0.03%; Moisture, 89.4%

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Raw-No-Thaw Arctic Copepods, 4 oz




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