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Cool Red Color-Enhancing Flake

COOL RED COLOR-ENHANCING FLAKE is ideal for your cichlids, angels and more aggressive omnivores. COOL RED is made with generous amounts of fresh frozen brine shrimp - the backbone of marine aquaculture - and dried with our own Cool Cooking Methodology™. Results speak for themselves - the closest thing to natural prey in flake form! Over 50 lbs. of fresh frozen brine shrimp goes into every 250-lb. batch. Watch your fish go wild! Formerly Artemia Plus - fortified with over 400 ppm astaxanthin to bring out the most vibrant colors in your fish!

5.0 out of 5 stars

This fish food speaks for itself.

Reviewed in the United States on December 19, 2021

"This fish food speaks for itself."

"I have been in the aquarium and fish hobby for about 43 years now and I have to say this fish food is one of the best flake foods out there. It looks, feels and smells like a high quality fish food. When I drop it in the water my fish just swarm to eat it and this has happened since day one of day one when I started feeding it. I recommend this food to all fish keepers who feed flake food. It is a very good quality food."  Mike 


The nutritional advantages do not end there. We use de-shelled artemia (Your fish don't need difficult-to-digest shells) to create a diet with complex proteins and important enyzmes that are found in your fish's natural diet and that aid in digestion. To this, we add a high quality marine fish oil to provide your fish with an excellent source of essential fatty acids.

A 2% inclusion rate of spirulina compliments an already great amalgamation of natural sources of carotenoids and other pigments that maintain vibrant colors in your fish. The addition of spirulina is also seen as a putative immuno-stimulant to increase disease resistance in captive fish. A proprietary attractant used in all of our AQUANIX COOL FLAKES ignites an immediate feeding response in fish.

Used by professional breeders - an excellent choice for both carnivorous and omnivorous fish. Contains natural paracoccus and carophyll to enhance the natural colors of your fish.

COOL RED includes beneficial bacteria to facilitate the conversion of fish and food waste into microbial biomass and harmless carbon dioxide. Unlike beneficial bacteria touted in conventionally processed flakes and pellets, the bacteria in COOL RED remain viable through the drying/cooking process.

PROXIMATE ANALYSIS: Protein, 53.1%; Fat, 12.1%; Ash, 5.7%; Moisture, 11.6; Astaxanthin (calc. value) 400 ppm. (Midwest Laboratories. Feb 1, 2023)

 INGREDIENTS: Fresh frozen brine shrimp (wet wt.), fish protein hydrolysate, soy, yeast protein, wheat gluten, torula, egg, wheat flour, arctic copepods, marine plankton, lecithin, spirulina, paracoccus (source of astaxanthin), shell-free artemia, hi-allicin garlic, marine fish oil, mineral mix, ascorbic acid (C), krill oil, beneficial bacteria, choline, carophyll, niacin, riboflavin (B2), D-Pantothenic acid, thiamine (B1), pyridoxine (B6), folic acid, menadione (K3), biotin, Vitamin B12, Vitamin A, Vitamin D3, and Vitamin E. Contains no artificial colors or preservatives.

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