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Cool Color, 3 oz.

Habitat Type: FRESHWATER

Large, robust and meaty flakes for your large colorful cichlids and aggressive omnivores. Try it with flamboyant marine fish. Made with brine shrimp and low-temperature drying technology - the closest...Read More


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Large, robust and meaty flakes for your large cichlids and aggressive omnivores. Made with low-temperature drying technology - the closest thing to natural prey in flake form! Watch your fish go wild... Formerly Artemia Plus - still made with 400 ppm astaxanthin!

PROXIMATE ANALYSIS: Protein, 53.1%; Fat, 12.1%; Ash, 5.7%; Moisture, 11.6; Astaxanthin (calc. value) 400 ppm. (Midwest Laboratories. Feb 1, 2023)

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