Aquanix Gel Diets

Aquanix Gel Diets are nutritious pre-formed gelatin-based diets in frozen bar, cube and extruded form for the large display aquarium, Amazonian exhibit, tank-busters and large saltwater specimens.

Prepared from a rich blend of sustainably harvested sources of fresh frozen plankton, bivalves, anchovy, copepods, whole algae, micro-algae, insect protein, garlic, high DHA algae, fish oil, and natural sources of astaxanthin immobilized in a gelatin-water based matrix.  Contains active beneficial bacteria to aid in both digestive health and water quality. Fortified for the long term health of captive fish with proven immune-modulators including stabilized vitamin C, beta-glucan and astaxanthin.  Soft and moist texture and inclusion of attractants for increased palatability. Water stable. Slow sinking.

Unlike pellets and tablets, gel diets can be energy-conserving. Their water and electrolyte approximation to whole body natural prey items can reduce the energy required to maintain osmotic equilibrium in specific environments. 

Economical - Alternative to labor-intensive preparation of powder-based feeds. Available in Carnivore Blend and Omnivore Blend. Customized and medicated formulations are available on request; minimums apply.

Used in some of the world’s most preeminent and well-known public aquaria.

Store in freezer, thaw in refrigerator.