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Krill Meal

A natural source of marine proteins and lipids, our Krill Meal (E. superba sp.) is processed, dehydrated and packaged in air-tight aluminum bags on-board for maximum freshness and the preservation of nutritional quality. Natural anti-oxidants help to maintain the organoleptic characteristics that make krill an ideal ingredient to stimulate the feeding response in fish. Krill is also a good source of carotenoids to help maintain the brilliant colors in your fish. It can be fed directly or included in DIY formulations for your fish.

Full fat content krill meal preserved with natural anti-oxidants. Available in larger quantities. Call for metric ton pricing.

Proximate Analysis: Protein (min.), 54%, Fat (min.), 15%; Moisture (max.), 10%; Crude Fiber 6%, Ash (max.), 12%.




Proximate Analysis: Protein 58%, Fat 18%, Moisture 10%, Crude Fiber 6%, Ash 13%

$16.95 per kg


Krill Meal, 1 kg.


Krill Meal ( E. Superba)


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