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Killifish are prized for their myriad color combinations and known for their discriminating tastes. That is why we’ve used copious amounts of fresh frozen Pacific krill and fresh frozen Canadian mysis to prepare our KILLIFEAST formula. We've increased the level of natural astaxanthin to support the full expression of colors in aquarium fish.

KILLIFEAST is available in two particle sizes. KILLIFEAST 1 (300-500 microns) is optimal for juveniles; KILLIFEAST 2 (500-1,000 microns) is sized for adults.

KILLIFEAST is also prepared using Cool Cooking Methodology, a low-temperature drying technology that results in better retention of vitamins and lipids, flavourants and amino acids. After drying, the particles are milled and sieved to optimal size for ingestion.

Like other diets in our AQUANIX  line, KILLIFEAST not only has exceptional water stability, but it contains viable beneficial bacteria that facilitate the conversion of fish waste and uneaten food into harmless microbial biomass and carbon dioxide - so you'll see an improvement in water quality as well as in the overall health of your aquarium.

Over 50 lbs. of fresh frozen Krill pacifica and mysis go into every 250-lb. batch!

Ingredients: Highly digestible marine fish hydrolysate, fresh frozen zooplankton (krill and mysis), yeast, soy, wheat gluten, wheat flour, egg, fish oil, lecithin, arctic copepod powder, casein, krill meal, spirulina, garlic, Paracoccus (natural source of astaxanthan), stabilized Vitamin C, carophyll, beta-carotene, vitamin-mineral premix, and beneficial bacteria. No artificial colors or preservatives added.

Made in small batches to ensure freshness.

Proximate Analysis: Protein, 52.2%; Fat, 9.4%; Ash, 5.9%; Moisture, 9.1%; Fiber, 1.9%; Vitamin C, 2,000 ppm*; Astaxanthin, 400 ppm*. [Wasatch Laboratories, May 2018]

*Calculated values.




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