Arctic Copepod Powder

Calanoid copepods, including cyclo poids, have adapted to the harsh environment of shallow high Arctic ponds and 24-hour solar exposure through the assimilation of photopotective pigments.  These select populations of nutrient-rich copepods are collected in managed harvests and used by ornamental fish-keepers and reef enthusiasts because of their incredibly high levels of carotenoids (astaxanthin, cryptoxanthin, echinenone).  Our product is dried using low-temperatures to preserve these valuable anti-oxidants and color enhancing properties.  Feed directly or as an additive.  Add a veritable blast of natural carotene to your DIY diets!

Proximate Analysis:  Protein, 65%; Fat, 9%; Ash, 12%; Chitin, 3%; Salt (NaCl), 9.5%; Astaxanthin, 400 ppm.

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Arctic Copepods, 1.75 oz. (51 gms.)


Arctic Copepods, 16 oz.