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Large Hatchery Cone with Stand plus 1.75 oz. Brine Shrimp Egg

Large Brine Shrimp Hatchery Cone with Stand, 2-Liter capacity. Equipped with stopcock (valve) for draining and harvesting. Includes rigid tubing, air hose, splash cap, and collection cup. BONU...Read More


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BRINE SHRIMP HATCHERY, Two-Liter capacity is also an ideal culture vessel for rotifers or microalgae.  Conical clear acrylic design aids in suspension of eggs for maximum hatching efficiency. Includes sturdy four-legged stand, rigid tubing, flexible air tubing, collection cup , and splash lid.   Plastic drain valve allows for easy harvesting of rotifers or micro-algae.

BONUS: Includes 1.75 ounces Grade A Brine Shrimp Eggs.  Equivalent to 24 2-gram hatches. Guaranteed 80% hatch rate.

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