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Sponge Bio Filter 20-32 Gallon

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Usable for tanks from 20 gallons to a maximum of 30 gallons (80-120L) under normal biological load.

Improves oxygenation of the water.

 Weighted Base keeps unit in place

Large Surface Area prevents clogging

Includes  1 m. (39”) flexible tubing.

Includes nitrifying bacteria starter culture.

Does not include aerator.

Key Benefits

Provides Mechanical Filtration – As water flows through the interstitial pores of the sponge, non-dissolved waste material, sediment and floc are trapped in the pores and  quickly removed from water column.

Provides Biological Filtration – Beneficial aerobic and nitrifying bacteria quickly colonize the large surface area provided by the sponge matrix.  These populations help to convert dissolved and particulate organic matter in the sponge into microbial biomass, harmless carbon dioxide and nitrate.

Provides Gentle Circulation – As water is air-lifted through tube, gentle currents are created that prevent stratification, but do not entrap or damage small fish.  Usable for breeding tanks.



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