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Pre-Cut Frozen Krill Superba Block, 1 X 12 KG

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12-Kg. Frozen Krill Superba block pre cut into 4 pieces for more convenient handling, partitioning and thawing. Minimize waste and preparation time. Excellent for state fish hatcheries, public aquaria, etc.  Pallet quantities available. Please call for shipping quote and multi-piece discounts.

Note to customers: Dry ice and boxing charges may apply. LTL refrigerated trucking available for pallet quantities. Airport-to-airport delivery can be arranged for most locations.

Beautiful, pink, frozen-on-board krill; large whole animals (1" - 1-1/2" in length) will trigger immediate feeding response in most fish. (Product is certified pathogen-free for WSSV, IHHNV, TSV, YHV, IMNV, PvNV, MrNV, AHPND/EMS and NHP-B)

Dry Weight Analysis: Protein, 55%; Fat, 19%; Ash, 14%; Moisture, 6%. Wasatch Laboratories (05/23/19)


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