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Enriched Frozen Brine Shrimp


New! Pond-raised adult brine shrimp enriched with SPIRULINA, garlic and highly unsaturated fatty acids (HUFA's) for a three-pronged approach to nutrition. Convenient and easy to feed frozen cubes provide your aquarium species, fresh or marine, with protein-rich, universally accepted brine shrimp, now enriched with essential fatty acids, allicin-rich garlic, and the blue-green algae, arthrospira platensis (spirulina).


Ingredients: Artemia, water, hi-allicin garlic, arthrospira platensis, marine oil.


Analysis by Independent Laboratory: Moisture, 93%; Ash, 0.6%; Fat, 0.4%; Protein, 4%; Fiber, 0.25 [Dry weight basis: Protein, 71%; Ash, 10%; Fat, 7%; Fiber, 4%]




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