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Frozen Arctic Copepod Trays, 21 x 3.5 oz

Sea frozen Calanus ( Arctic Copepods)are an ideal food for both freshwater and Marine fish and coral. These carotenoid rich zooplankton provide a good source of protein, lipids and astaxanthin for col...Read More


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Presentation: Quantity of twenty-one (21) frozen 3.5 oz cube trays (100 gm. net wt.)

Sustainably harvested, carotenoid-rich marine zooplankton from the North Atlantic.

Brine Shrimp Direct's Arctic Copepods (Calanus finmarchicus) are an ideal aquarium food for both freshwater and marine fish and coral. In addition to being a highly palatable source of protein and marine lipids, Arctic Copepods provide natural pigments, including astaxanthin, for color enhancement. Like other crustacea, Arctic copepods are also a source of exogenous enzymes to aid digestion, and are used as a feeding stimulant. Fresh frozen at sea. 300 - 800 microns in size. 

Analyis: Moisture, 83.3 %; Protein content, 9.2%; Lipid content, 5.0%.

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