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Deli Flake - LT

This flake is a blend of our four specially formulated flake diets:

* Brine Shrimp Flake-LT * Spirulina & Kelp Flake-LT * Mysis and Garlic Flake-LT * Plankton Gold_LT *

Ideal for marine and freshwater community tanks. The Deli Flake is one package with each one of the four flakes. (Like a tossed salad with four different types of salad leaves) We use all natural ingredients - no artificial colors or preservatives! And you will feel comfortable knowing that all of our flakes are made in small batches to ensure freshness with all the organic attributes gained by our low temperature drying process.

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Habitat Key

fresh water fish food FRESHWATER
salt water fish food SALTWATER
salt and freshwater fish food FRESH & SALTWATER

Your Selections:

Deli Flake - LT, 3 oz.
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This product has been replaced with COOL MIX

Deli Flake - LT, 16 oz.
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Deli Flake, 2 lb. pail
This product is sold out.
Deli Flake, 9 lb. pail
This product is sold out.
Deli Flake, 12 kg (26.4 lb) Bulk
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