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Conditioning, Spawning and Rearing of Fish - Emphasis on Clownfish, by Frank Hoff 2009

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An extremely helpful book for hobbyists and professionals alike interested in breeding fish for enjoyment, profit, or both.  The author draws upon a lifetime of experience and collaboration in culturing marine fish and applies much of what he has learned to the successful pairing, maturation, nesting, larviculture and rearing of clownfish.  This manual is filled with over 194 diagrams and figures that will be highly useful in setting up your own breeding station or fish room.  There are over 80 additional photos and reference tables that make this book an indispensable reference for anyone, whether you're culturing pompano or rainbow trout. Draw from the author's experience in facility design, from plumbing and lay-out, including discussion on water exchange rates, pumps, aeration and filtration, to the design of larval rearing tanks, broodstock tanks, and grow-out tanks. Chapters cover key points on nutrition, diet preparation, pigmentation, induced spawning, disease prevention, feeding, record-keeping, and budgeting. Likely to become the most dog-eared book in your fish library.

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