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Shell Free E-Z Egg

E-Z EGG Hatching Brine Shrimp Eggs...without the shell!


Save Time and Labor.
Eliminate the use of caustic chemicals and bleach required for decapsulating.
Stop worrying about non-digestible shell and unhatched eggs in your aquarium.


Improve your yields! Brine Shrimp Direct's E-Z Eggs are decapsulated using 90% hatch-rate quality eggs under stringent temperature controlled-conditions and then preserved in an inert solution for medium-term storage under refrigeration. E-Z Egg eliminates the time required for separating live nauplii from unhatched eggs and shell. E-Z Egg product is completely digestible. Set up your hatching apparatus as you would with normal cysts, adding E-Z Egg at the rate of one to two measuring spoons (provided) or approximately two - four grams per liter of hatching solution. Aerate vigorously for 18 - 24 hours, siphon, rinse and feed! 

This product is best if used within 3 to 4 months. Keep refrigerated!

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This product is also available in 5 kg. bulk quantities. Set up a recurring order. Never be without! Please call 1-801-782-4700 or email for wholesale pricing.

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fresh water fish food FRESHWATER
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E-Z Egg can even be fed directly, without hatching. Simply rinse and feed 100% digestible E-Z Egg.

The hatch rate of E-Z Egg is over 80%. As a bonus, the unhatched portion provides an excellent, non-motile, digestible source of protein and lipids which can be fed together with the free-swimming baby brine shrimp. Hatching times for E-Z Egg vary and are temperature sensitive. At 75-80 degrees Fahrenheit, allow 18 - 22 hours for maximum yield. This product requires refrigeration to ensure shelf-life and viability. Not suitable for use in the Hatchery Dish. Stir contents periodically and keep tightly sealed to prevent separation or drying-out of product. Keep refrigerated!


"I received my order and let me tell you, I am thrilled."

I have dwarf seahorses and the (brine shrimp) egg shells were, well to say the least, a mess. Now I hatch and siphon and feed. No shell worries.

Thanks again,
K.R., Pennsylvania.



Guarantees a clean, shell-free hatch result every time.


Ideal for sensitive species that require artemia nauplii free of non-digestible chitin.


Eliminates the need to store and use harsh and dangerous chemicals on-site.


Reduces labor costs and time required for hatching and separation.


Can be used without change to your present hatching set-up.


Results in a cleaner enrichment environment.

We Supply

Public aquaria, commercial fish breeders, state hatcheries, and research laboratories.

The E-Z Answer

For seahorse and jellyfish exhibits, larval crustaceans, reef and coral tanks, zebrafish research and more.


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