NatuRose® is a natural source of the carotenoid pigment astaxanthin, derived from a unique strain of the microalgae Haematococcus pluvialis grown under controlled conditions on the island of Hawaii. Carotenoid pigments manifest themselves as the brilliant hues of yellow, orange and red found in the tissues of aquatic organisms. Carotenoid pigments are largely derived from phytoplankton and the alga, including seaweed and kelp. Captive bred fish and therefore the majority of aquarium fish are unable to produce these pigments de novo and must rely upon carotenoids absorbed from their diets. The largest percentage of the carotenoid fraction of NatuRose consists of astaxanthin, with lesser amounts of the pigments cantaxanthin, lutein, and beta-carotene. Carotenoids are generally associated with the flaming orange, lobster reds and striking yellows found in ornamental fish. Less widely known is that when carotenoids form complexes with lipids and proteins, they also express themselves as the blues, greens, purples and browns of the aquatic world. At Brine Shrimp Direct, we ensure that our diets provide not only the necessary proteins and lipids required for optimum growth and genetic expression, but we also take the additional measure of providing natural sources of carotenoid pigments, such as NatuRose and spirulina, in our premium diets so that you can realize the full expression of colors in your aquarium. NatuRose has been carefully formulated into a fine, free flowing dark red powder and is used as a pigmentaton enhancer and nutritional source for a variety of freshwater and marine species. Naturose has been successfully used as a source of pigments in aquaculture in such species as shrimp, rainbow trout, coho and Atlantic salmon. It has produced demonstrable results in the pigmentation of koi and many varieties of ornamental fish*/ The recommended use for Naturose is as a feed ingredient* or dietary component. Naturose can be readily mixed, blended, extruded or pelletized with other feed components. A daily ration of 1 part NatuRose to 500 parts feed (0.2%) is equivalent to 35-40 ppm astaxanthin. Studies have shown color enhancement in tetras, cichlids gouramis, danios and other species within one to three weeks. Order today and start improving your aquarium's nutritional needs with our complete line of specialty products. *For additional perspective on astaxanthin and its role in aquatic nutrition, see the article on NatuRose. (To provide a complete diet, which includes Naturose at 300 ppm, try our Plankton Gold Flake, our Brine Shrimp Flake or our vegetarian Spirulina Kelp Flake. For something new, try PhytoPlankton Plus and ZooPlankton Plus from a the leader in aquarium nutrition, BSD Nutrition. For Reef Tanks, use our Tahitian Blend, which also contains NatuRose.)

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NatuRose, 8 oz.