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Do you have any analysis information on brine shrimp?

Do you have any analysis information on brine shrimp?

Brine Shrimp Direct Typical Cyst Analysis:
Great Salt Lake Strain

  1. Biometrics (Grade A):
    • Diameter of hydrated cysts = 240 microns (average)
    • Length of Instar I nauplii = 450 microns(average)
  2. Proximate Analysis (Dry Weight Basis):
    • Protein: 55%
    • Fat: 14.0% minimum
    • Ash: 8.1% minimum
    • Moisture: 7.0% maximum
  3. Essential Fatty Acids:
    • 18:2n-6: 0.3 mg/g (dry weight)
    • 18:3n-3: 19.0
    • 20:5n-3: 3.5
    • 22:6n-3: 0.1
    • omega-3 Fatty acids 5.0 (HUFA — highly unsaturated fatty acids)
  4. Microbiological Analysis:
    • Marine Bacteria: (CFU/g) 10,000 maximum
    • Yeasts/molds: (CFU/g) 1,000 maximum
    • Coliforms: (MPN/g) 10 maximum
    • E. coli: (1g) negative
    • Salmonella: negative
    • V. cholerae: negative
  5. Heavy Metals (microgram/g):
    • Cadmium: 0.5 maximum
    • Copper: 6.0 maximum
    • Lead: 0.8 maximum
    • Mercury: 0.3 maximum
  6. Pesticides (microgram/g):
    • Chlorinated Hydrocarbons: 0.03 maximum
    • Organo-Phosphates: 0.01 maximum
    • PCB — total: 0.01 maximum
    • Trichloroethylene: 0.01 maximum
  7. Cyst Storage:
    Brine shrimp cysts are best stored at low-humidity, low-temperature conditions to maintain their hatching quality. For long-term storage, store at temperatures below 50°F (10°C), but above freezing.

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