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Brine Shrimp Net

Brine Shrimp Net

A 3" square net made with fine nylon mesh, suitable for catching live brine shrimp and small fish with delicate fins. Handle is nylon-coated. Although the manufacturer describes this net as a "Brine Shrimp Net," it is more suitable for sub-adult and adult brine shrimp, small fish, larvae and zooplankton larger than 500 microns. Its soft, supple material minimizes the risk of mechanical damage and stress to live animals. For capturing, retaining and/or rinsing newly hatched brine shrimp and zooplankton under 500 microns (but larger than 100 microns), we recommend the Sieve or 150 Mesh Bag.


May we also suggest:

View: Sieve, Artemia Hatching

Sieve, Artemia Hatching

The Artemia Sieve is both a practical and effective way to collect and rinse baby brine shrimp before introducing them into your fish tank.


View: Rigid Tubing, 0.5 m

Rigid Tubing, 0.5 m

Rigid plastic tubing fits snugly into the end of flexible air hose. Ideal for use in Imhoff cones or other hatching containers to direct air where it's needed without the use of clips or weights!


View: Flexible Air Hose

Flexible Air Hose

Flexible, quality plastic airline/tubing. Imported from Germany. Sold in increments of one meter.


View: Large Hatchery Cone with Stand

Large Hatchery Cone with Stand

Large Brine Shrimp Hatchery Cone with Stand, 2-Liter capacity. Equipped with stopcock (valve) for draining and harvesting. Includes rigid tubing, air hose, splash cap, air regulating valve and collection cup.


View: Plankton Culture Manual

Plankton Culture Manual

The Plankton Culture Manual offers practical culture techniques for microalgae, rotifers, artemia, copepods, daphnia, and microworms.