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Frozen Bloodworms

Densely-packed, whole, medium-sized, dark-red bloodworms (chironomid sp.) harvested from managed ponds in northern China. Exceptional quality.  Get more for your money!

Available in two forms: Generous 500 gram (1.10 lbs.) flats, available in incremental quantities of 5 units.  Flats are 8" x 10", approx. 3/4" in thickness, and: Convenient Cube Trays, sold in increments of six (6) trays.  Each tray contains 3.5 oz. (100 g.). 
Please call for best shipping rates and pricing for larger quantities (1-800-303-7914).  Shipments are made via FedEx, 2-Day shipping.  Product is packed with dry ice in insulated boxes and guaranteed to arrive at your door in top, frozen condition.  Product ships on Tuesday and Wednesdays only unless other arrangements are made.


21 Frozen Bloodworm 3.5 oz Cube Trays - 3 Boxes 7 x 3.5 oz cube trays per box


Frozen Bloodworm Flat Packs, 5 x 500 gm. (1.1 lb.) flat packs



Frozen Bloodworm Flat Packs, 10 x 500 gm. (1.1 lb.) flat packs


Frozen Bloodworm Cube Trays, 7 x 3.5 oz cube trays


Frozen Bloodworms Flat Pack, 20 x 500 gm. (1.1 lb.) flat packs


Frozen Bloodworms Flat Pack, 50 x 500 gm. (1.1 lb.) flat packs