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Plankton Culture Manual

Plankton Culture Manual
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Plankton Culture Manual.  Authored by Frank Hoff & Terry Snell. 186 Pages. The Sixth Edition of the Plankton Culture Manual is replete with appendices, tables, illustrations and photomicrographs. An unpretentious, yet carefully considered (First published in 1987) manual with emphasis on practical culture techniques for microalgae, rotifers, artemia, copepods, daphnia, and microworms.  Combined with a boiled-down observation of harvesting, feeding and the nutritional value of various planktonic animals (and plants), this will become one the most thumb-worn books in your fish library. Also includes a useful treatment on hatching and decapsulating artemia. An extensive bibliography points the reader to more comprehensive and detailed literature on every subject.  Well worth the price, the PCM eliminates most of the guesswork and vagaries involved in culturing live food, making your hobby or profession more enjoyable. A likely companion to "Conditioning and Rearing Fish - Emphasis on Clownfish."



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Premium Grade BSE Breeders Special

6 x 1 lb (454 gm.) net weight per can. Store under 40 F. Keep cans tightly sealed to prevent moisture from entering.

Domestic Priority Mail Shipping Rate of $18.85 available


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Rotifer Sieve

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Large Hatchery Cone with Stand + 1.75 oz. BSE

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