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Sieve, Artemia Hatching

Sieve, Artemia Hatching

The Artemia Sieve is a well-constructed mesh-bottomed plastic receptacle that is used to collect newly hatched artemia, allowing you to quickly and easily rinse artemia in fresh or saltwater before they are introduced into your aquarium. Because the hatching solution contains any number of metabolites released during hatching, it is always advisable to give newly hatched brine shrimp a quick rinse before introducing them to your fish or before moving artemia to a culture tank. Doing so greatly reduces the risk of bacterial blooms. Place the Artemia Sieve in a shallow bowl and siphon the artemia directly into the sieve. Partially pre-fill the bowl with water to minimize mechanical injury to the baby brine shrimp. Can also be used as a dip net to skim artemia or other zooplankton and larvae from water's surface. Dimensions: 3" x 3.25" x 1.75" deep.


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Sieve Combo Set

Nesting Set of Four Sieves with mesh sizes ranging from 180 micron opening to 900 micron opening.



Mesh Bag, Net Bag, 150 mesh

So many people have requested a multi-use filter/net that we decided to have one made. Perfect for netting the smallest artemia.


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The Plankton Culture Manual offers practical culture techniques for microalgae, rotifers, artemia, copepods, daphnia, and microworms.