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GP 50 - 100 Micron Reef & Larval Diet

"OGP" Original Golden Pearl Diet, 50 - 100 microns, has successfully replaced live foods in many commercial fish and bivalvehatcheries, not to mention marine and freshwater aquaria. Careful formulation and precision sizing make the GP Diets a choice for serious aquarists with exacting requirements. A patented processing technique results in small raspberry-like clusters that are neutrally bouyant. These small spheres remain in the water column longer than most inert feeds and, in moving with the water current, mimic planktonic animals.

Ingredients: marine fish, krill (23%), fish roe, soy lecithin, yeast autolysate, micro-algae, fish gelatin, squid meal, hydrogenated vegetable fat, vitamins and minerals, antioxidants.  

Proximate analysis: Protein, 55%; Lipids, 15%; Ash, 12%; Moisture, 8%; Vitamin C, 2550 ppm; Vitamin E, 425 ppm; EPA,10mg/g; DHA, 12 mg/g. 

GP 50 - 100 Micron Reef & Larval Diet, 6 oz.


GP 50 - 100 Micron Reef & Larval Diet, 12 oz.


GP 50 - 100 Micron Reef and Larval Diet, 2 oz.