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Hatchery Dish

Hatchery Dish

"Just wanted to send a quick note on how happy I am with your Brine Shrimp Hatchery Dish. The dish is performing as you stated and it works without a pump! I find the dish to be a perfect fit for my needs and very easy to use. Thank you also for the extra spirulina." J.L. Los Angeles

We first saw this brine shrimp egg hatchery in Kowloon, Hong Kong and were instantly intrigued by its strange shape. With some misgivings about the functionality of the "breeding dish," I brought it home and tried it. I was amazed at the results in 24 hours! With absolutely no aeration, air tubing, or heat, my yields were as good as if I had used a more elaborate set-up. With a premeasured charge of about 0.4 grams of dry cysts, the Hatchery Dish yielded over 100,000 baby brine shrimp. A particularly nice feature of the shallow, dish-like shape of the Hatchery is the naturally occurring separation of the newly hatched nauplii (baby brine shrimp) from shells and unhatched egg - resulting in a very clean harvest. No siphoning or net is required. This is truly a great product for hobbyists!

For a limited time, comes with 1.75 oz. jar of Grade A brine shrimp egg (enough for about 100 cycles).




Sorry, this product is sold out.

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