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Flake Diets Plus - Premium Flakes

Our revolutionary ZooPlankton Flake Plus, Tropical Flake Medley, PhytoPlankton Flake Plus, Garlic Flake Plus, Cichlid Flake, Earthworm Flake Plus and new Mysis Diet enriched with Selco provide critical nutrients required to bring out the absolute best in your fish. Ideal for both freshwater and marine community tanks. Our proprietary low temperature drying process results in a full-bodied, water stable flake that won't fall apart. 

Bulk quantities available.  Please call 801-782-4700 for pricing. 

View: Mysis Diet Enriched with SELCO

Mysis Diet Enriched with SELCO

Our new MYSIS DIET Enriched with SELCO is made with fresh-frozen mysis shrimp combined with high quality marine proteins, garlic, high DHA marine oils, color enhancers and Vitamin C.

View: Artemia Plus Flake

Artemia Plus Flake

Brine Shrimp Direct Artemia Plus Flakes are an ideal food for angelfish. Manufactured using low-temperature technology.

Earthworm Flake Plus

Specialized maturation diet made with fresh Canadian Nightcrawlers. Ideal for conditioning breeding pairs! Compared to other proteins, earthworms are one of the best and most complete sources of amino acids for fish.

Cichlid Flakes Plus

Large, robust and meaty flakes for your large cichlids and aggressive omnivores. Made with low-temperature drying technology - the closest thing to natural prey in flake form! Watch your fish go wild...

View: Garlic Flake Plus

Garlic Flake Plus

Garlic Flake contains allicin, a putative antiviral and antibacterial agent long used in the culture of fish to prevent disease. Garlic has also been shown to aid in the prevention of marine ich.

View: Tropical Flake Medley

Tropical Flake Medley

4 IN 1 DIET Tropical Flake Medley is a widely accepted, multi-faceted tropical fish diet formulated to promote growth, enhance color, and improve the reproductive health in captive fish. Ideal for both freshwater and marine community tanks


View: Phytoplankton Flake Plus

Phytoplankton Flake Plus

Vegeterian Flake for herbivorous and omnivorous fish, fortified with Atlantic Sea kelp and Hawaiian spirulina. With natural color enhancers. Improved formula, softer texture. Same exceptional water stability!


View: ZooPlankton Flake Plus

ZooPlankton Flake Plus

Widely accepted, multi-faceted diet for growth, color enhancement, and reproductive health. Improved formula, softer texture. Same exceptional water stability!

Beefheart Plus Flake

Beefheart has long been associated with bluer blues, greener greens and more vibrant reds in discus and other ciclids. Ideal for discus, angels, piranha, and even axolotls.