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Below is a listing of informative articles and papers that will be of interest to both the novice and the experienced hobbyist. Click on the link to view the article.

Enriching Brine Shrimp

Article on supplementing nutritional components, such as vitamins or calcium, into live brine shrimp.

Enriching with Spirulina

Whole spirulina and cell extracts were found to enhance immunity in animals by increasing phagocytic activity.

Hatching Brine Shrimp Cysts

Procedures for storing, hatching, and harvesting brine shrimp egg /cysts.

Brine Shrimp Fact Sheet

Fact sheet on artemia brine shrimp, including growth and nutrition.

Raising Live Rotifers & Copepods

How to raise and culture live rotifers and copepods.

Feeding Strategy for Hippocampus sp.

Seahorse have been long considered difficult to maintain because of their feeding habits. This article suggests a feeding strategy.

Using Algae in Marine Reef Tanks

Brine Shrimp Direct original article on the benefits and usage of microalgae to feed marine invertebrates in reef tanks.

Astaxanthin in shrimp culturing

A Review of the Carotenoid, Astaxanthin, as a Pigment Source and Vitamin for Cultured Penaeus Prawn

Natural Astaxanthin

Article on the use of the natural astaxanthin in NatuRose as a pigment source in combination with proteins and lipids, carotenoids giving rise to the wide range of blue, green, purple, and brownish colors of marine life.

Spirulina Fact Sheet

Fact sheet on topic of spirulina algae, a natural concentrated "superfood" for ornamental fish.