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Equipment & Supplies

Indispensable tools for the aquarium owner, including hatching kits, brine shrimp sieves, rotifer sieves, nets, rigid tubing, etc.

View: Mesh Bag

Mesh Bag

So many of our customers have requested a multi-use filter/net that we decided to have one made. Available in two mesh sizes, ideal for harvesting rotifers or artemia. Myriad other uses in the fish room.

View: Sponge Bio Filters

Sponge Bio Filters

Sponge Bio filters available for use in up to 10 gallon, 21 gallon, 100 gallon and 132 gallon tanks. Provides both mechanical and biological filtration.

View: Plankton Culture Manual

Plankton Culture Manual

The Plankton Culture Manual offers practical culture techniques for microalgae, rotifers, artemia, copepods, daphnia, and microworms.


View: Conditioning, Spawning and Rearing of Fish - Emphasis on Clownfish, by Frank Hoff  2009

Conditioning, Spawning and Rearing of Fish - Emphasis on Clownfish, by Frank Hoff 2009

An extremely helpful book for hobbyists and professionals alike interested in breeding fish for enjoyment, profit, or both. Chapters cover key points on nutrition, diet preparation, pigmentation, induced spawning, disease prevention, feeding, record-keeping, and budgeting.


View: Hatching Kit

Hatching Kit

The most expedient and inexpensive brine shrimp egg hatching apparatus on the market.


View: Large Hatchery Cone with Stand + 1.75 oz. BSE

Large Hatchery Cone with Stand + 1.75 oz. BSE

Large Brine Shrimp Hatchery Cone with Stand, 2-Liter capacity. Equipped with stopcock (valve) for draining and harvesting. Includes rigid tubing, air hose, splash cap, air regulating valve and collection cup. BONUS: 1.75 ounce Grade A Brine Shrimp Eggs



Sieve Combo Set

Nesting Set of Four Sieves with mesh sizes ranging from 180 micron opening to 900 micron opening.


View: Large Brine Shrimp Sieve

Large Brine Shrimp Sieve

The Artemia Sieve is both a practical and effective way to collect and rinse baby brine shrimp. 120 micron screen.


View: Rotifer Sieve

Rotifer Sieve

Rotifer Collecting Sieve 53 micron


View: Brine Shrimp Net

Brine Shrimp Net

A 3" square net made with fine nylon mesh, suitable for catching live brine shrimp and small fish with delicate fins.


View: Flexible Air Hose

Flexible Air Hose

Flexible, quality plastic airline/tubing. Imported from Germany. Sold in increments of one meter.


View: Rigid Tubing, 0.5 m

Rigid Tubing, 0.5 m

Rigid plastic tubing fits snugly into the end of flexible air hose. Ideal for use in Imhoff cones or other hatching containers to direct air where it's needed without the use of clips or weights!


View: Hatchery Dish

Hatchery Dish

This simple to use brine shrimp hatchery is ideal for the hobbyist, science fair student, teacher, or aquarist who treats their fish to the occasional live treat. No aeration required! For a limited time, includes a three month supply (50 gram) of Grade A Great Salt Lake Brine Shrimp Eggs.


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View: Imhoff Hatching Cone

Imhoff Hatching Cone

Laboratory quality, one liter (approx. one quart) Imhoff cones are used extensively in the industry to produce consistent results when hatching brine shrimp egg.


View: Imhoff Cone Rack

Imhoff Cone Rack

Stainless steel rack holds one to three Imhoff cones. This arrangement is great for scaling up production of artemia for serious breeders with multiple tanks and multiple feeding requirements. Cones sold separately.


View: Hydrometer with Digital Thermometer

Hydrometer with Digital Thermometer

This hydromenter provides either continuous or periodic reading of specific gravity for saltwater aquariums and includes a digital thermometer to ensure that the water being tested is at the correct temperature.


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View: Sieve, Artemia Hatching

Sieve, Artemia Hatching

The Artemia Sieve is both a practical and effective way to collect and rinse baby brine shrimp before introducing them into your fish tank.