Garlic Flake Plus

Garlic Flake Plus contains allicin, a putative antimicrobial and antiviral agent used by fish breeders to optimize the health of captive fish. Garlic Plus also contains the the nutrient rich, blue-green algae, Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA), stabilized Vitamin C, spirulina and Naturose (a source of astaxanthin) in a high protein, balanced matrix of marine and plant derivatives.

Garlic Plus is dried at much lower temperatures than conventional flake so that the benefits of using potent garlic extracts are not lost in the processing! Garlic has been shown to be effective in the prevention of marine ich.

Suggested use: For both marine and freshwater fish, as a prophylactic measure to be used intermittently with other feeds. Try this with eels and rays.

Proximate Analysis:
Protein 42%; Lipids 12%, Ash 7%; Moisture 7.5%.

Yeast and yeast extracts, soy, egg, wheat gluten, garlic (by dry weight), milk byproducts, zooplankton, kelp (rockweed), spirulina, lecithin, Naturose (source of astaxanthin), AFA, vitamin and mineral premix, stabilized Vitamin C

Contains no artificial colors or preservatives.

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