Mysis and Garlic Flake

NOW WITH GARLIC - a putative immunostimulant and anti-parasitic. Mysis & Garlic Flake is an excellent growth and stand-alone staple diet to maintain overall health, fin health and vigor.


Mysis and Garlic Flake contains fresh frozen mysis shrimp in a balanced blend of hydrolized marine fish protein, soy protein, torula yeast, egg, wheat gluten, krill meal, spirulina, garlic, Paracoccus (source of astaxanthan) marine fish oil, garlic, stabilized vitamin C, and other important vitamins and minerals. No artificial coloring or ethoxyquin added.


Proximate Analysis (calculated values): Protein, 47%; Fat, 12%; Ash, 6%; Moisture, 6%.

Provides essential amino acids required for growth and survival. Feed twice daily only as much as your fish will consume in five minutes. Will not cloud water if fed properly. Order today and start improving your aquarium's nutritional needs with our complete line of specialty products.

Mysis and Garlic Flake, 11 oz.


salt and freshwater fish food
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65% Hatch-Out Brine Shrimp Egg, 16 oz.


salt and freshwater fish food
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Grade C (65% Hatch-out) Brine Shrimp Egg, Carton


salt and freshwater fish food