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Brine Shrimp Direct Product Specials.

View: Brine Shrimp Eggs

Brine Shrimp Eggs

The universal live feed for all fish fry and invertebrates. Offering Great Salt Lake Artemia, Small Strain, and Decapsulated brine shrimp eggs.

View: Flake Diets - Flake Food

Flake Diets - Flake Food

A variety of excellent diets to promote growth, enhance color, and maintain the health and vigor of your fish. Note that all our flake foods contain astaxanthin.

View: Flake Diets Plus - Premium Flakes

Flake Diets Plus - Premium Flakes

Our revolutionary ZooPlankton Flake Plus, Mariner Flake Plus, Cichlid Flake, Tropical Flake Medley, PhytoPlankton Flake Plus, Garlic Flake Plus Earthworm Flake Plus Diet and new Mysis Diet enriched with Selco, provide critical nutrients required to bring out the absolute best in your fish.

View: Original Golden Pearl Diets, Active Spheres

Original Golden Pearl Diets, Active Spheres

The Original Golden Pearl (OGP) Diets have successfully replaced many live foods in marine finfish hatcheries. Available in a variety of particle sizes down to 5 microns. Popular choice for reef tanks, too!

View: Frozen Fish Food

Frozen Fish Food

New convenient package sizes: flat packs and cubes. Choose Next-Day or 2nd-Day shipping!!! If you are within a two day shipping radius of Utah, please call for lower Fedex Ground shipping options.

Pellets and Wafers, Sinking and Floating

Color enhancing formulas with excellent water stability. Ideal for large Cichlids, Discus, large Goldfish, Koi, Plecostomus, Pacu, Piranha, and other fish.


View: Specialty Fish Food  | Freeze Dried  Fish Food

Specialty Fish Food | Freeze Dried Fish Food

A variety of feeds for all your aquarium's needs, including sea vegetables, freeze-dried krill, mysis shrimp, bloodworms and other natural prey items.

View: Enrichments


Nutritional feed additives for brine shrimp, filter feeders, reefs, fry and for inclusion in DIY diets.

View: Algae Pastes

Algae Pastes

Marine microalgae - the most nutritious feed for salt water invertebrates and filter-feeders. When live algae is not available, the next best solution is to add our microalgae concentrate to your tank system. By starting at the basis of the marine food chain, you will be able to grow and enrich zooplankton for your fish larvae and invertebrates. Live corals will "go crazy" when marine microalgae is added to the reef aquarium.

View: Equipment & Supplies

Equipment & Supplies

Indispensable tools for the aquarium owner, including hatching kits, brine shrimp sieves, rotifer sieves, nets, rigid tubing, hydrometers, etc.

Rotifer Cysts

Saltwater (Brachionus plicatilis) and freshwater (Brachionus clyciflorus) rotifer cysts. "L" Strain resting rotifers.

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Get your veterinary certificate HERE. Required for shipments of brine shrimp egg to EU countries.