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Freeze-Dried Mysis

Freeze-Dried Mysis

An excellent food item for breeding pairs and other difficult-to-feed fish.


Essential Proteins and Lipids

Mysis shrimp are becoming increasingly popular in the aquaria industry, preferred by many over frozen brine shrimp and krill. Freeze-dried Mysis makes an excellent food item for breeding pairs and other difficult-to-feed fish.

Brine Shrimp Direct's Freeze-dried Mysis, often called "opossum shrimp," are invertebrate shrimp-like organisms, freeze-dried to retain their nutritional value. Morphologically speaking, they resemble a thin-shelled crayfish about 1/2 inch in length (max. length 30 mm) — a perfect size for many medium to large fish!

Mysis (Mysis relicta) evolved from a salt-water species that slowly adapted to decreasing salinity in areas that were affected by melt water during the retreat of glaciers in the Pleistocene era. Mysis have circumpolar distribution and are found in Russia, Canada, and Scandinavian countries. In the U.S., Brine Shrimp Direct's product is harvested from deep, cold, freshwater lakes in British Columbia, where the species was introduced as an important prey item for freshwater game fish.

Mysis contain relatively high levels of fatty acids and significant levels of highly unsaturated fats (HUFAs). Freeze-drying ensures that the nutritional quality is largely intact when fed.

Typical Dry-weight Analysis

  • Protein: minimum 48%
  • Fat: minimum 38%
  • Ash: maximum 8%

Order today and start meeting your aquarium's nutritional needs with our Freeze-dried Mysis and other specialty aquarium products.

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