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Freeze-Dried Krill

Freeze-Dried Krill

From the pristine waters of the Antarctic.


We offer two types of Krill: Superba and Pacifica.

Both are nutritionally identical. The only difference is in their size.

Superba Krill

Roughly one inch in size.

Pacifica Krill

Roughly a quarter of an inch in size.

A Premium Product at an Affordable Price

Our tests confirm what fish have always known: krill is one of the best nutritionally complete, natural feeds you can buy.

New technology allows us to offer this premium product at an extremely affordable price. Proper handling and low-temperature drying keep natural flavorants, proteins, and lipids largely intact. In addition, krill is a rich source of carotenoids, including astaxanthin, which will help bring out the color in both marine and freshwater fish.

The use of krill as a feed supplement is especially helpful in developing a feeding response in stressed fish. Powerful flavorants contained in krill act as an attractant to many species of fish, both freshwater and marine.

Typical Analysis

Our freeze-dried krill contains approx. 60% protein, 8% fat, 11% carbohydrates, 10% ash, 5% moisture, and 150-200 ppm pigment (astaxanthin).

Order today and start meeting your aquarium's nutritional needs with our freeze-dried krill and other specialty aquarium products.

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