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Plankton Gold Flake

Plankton Gold Flake

For marine and freshwater fish.


Contains NatuRose®.

A fantastic natural color enhancer, Plankton Gold Flake fish food from Brine Shrimp Direct is designed to enhance the color, size and condition of your fish!

You Can Dispense with Messy Homemade Diets

This Premium Flake Diet is formulated to naturally promote vibrant natural colors and rapid growth in both tropical freshwater and marine fish.

We haven't spared any expense in the formulation of this flake. Plankton Gold contains highly-digestible hydrolyzed fish protein and a high percentage of carotenoid-rich zooplankton, including Euphasia pacifica krill and artemia biomass.

Double the Rate of NatuRose

Plankton Gold is now enriched with double the rate of NatuRose (astaxanthin) and Spirulina sp. algae to bring out the true colors in your fish. A preferred choice for fast-growing fry or as a primary feeding for colorful ornamentals, Plankton Gold is also a great feeding stimulant for finicky eaters.

Proximate Analysis

  • Minimum 45% Protein
  • 12% Fat
  • 8% Ash
  • 4% Spirulina
  • 2% NatuRose or 300 ppm astaxanthin


Hydrolyzed fish protein, egg, yeast products, plankton, refined fish oil, spirulina, vitamin C (2000 ppm), vitamin and mineral premix. Contains no artificial coloring or chemical preservatives.

Order today and start meeting your aquarium's nutritional needs with our complete line of specialty products.

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