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Artemia Hatchery Dish

Artemia Hatchery Dish

If your wife isn't watching, you can put the tray assembly in the dishwasher — it's safe.


Ideal for Small-Scale Hatching Requirements

Brine Shrimp Hatchery Dish

Finally — a new brine shrimp hatching kit that works! This simple-to-use brine shrimp hatchery is ideal for the hobbyist, science fair student, or aquarium keeper who treats his or her fish to the occasional live treat.

No aerator or air tubing is required. All that is needed is saltwater and eggs.

I first saw this brine shrimp egg hatchery in a shop in Kowloon, Hong Kong, and I was instantly intrigued by its strange shape...with some misgivings about the functionality of the "breeding dish." I brought it home and tried it. I was amazed at the results in 24 hours!

With no aeration, no tubing, or direct light or heat, my yields were as good as if I had used a cone. Although the cup only holds about 0.4 grams of dry cysts, I had over 100,000 baby brine shrimp.

A particularly nice feature of the dish-like shape is the natural separation of the shell and newly hatched nauplii.

The hatchery doesn't even require either siphoning or a net. This is a GREAT product.

 — Manager, Brine Shrimp Direct

Easy to Use!

Hatching Dish Illustration

As always, BSD recommends that you buy eggs that have been recently tested for quality and that are always guaranteed.

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