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Imhoff Brine Shrimp Hatching Cone

Imhoff Brine Shrimp Hatching Cone

Improve hatching efficiency.


Get Serious with Your Hatchery

This high-quality laboratory-grade plastic cone will significantly improve brine shrimp egg hatching efficiency.

Cysts are easily kept in suspension with aeration, and clear plastic construction allows maximum light transmission. Make the investment and see the results. One liter size is ideal for hatching one gram of brine shrimp eggs. Requires air line, lighting, and stand.

Imhoff Hatching Cone Rack


For Large-scale Hatching Needs

Our stainless steel rack holds one to three Imhoff cones. This arrangement is great for scaling up production of artemia for serious breeders with multiple tanks and multiple feedings.

The rack works extremely well when positioned near a heat source — a 100-watt incandescent bulb, or in a well-lit, warm environment.

Aeration is supplied to the cones by an external aerator. Air tubing connected to a 14" length of plastic rigid tubing (available at Brine Shrimp Direct) is perfect for directing air to the bottom of the cone. This, of course, keeps the cysts in suspension. The rigid tubing does not require attachment to the cone.

We've found that the best way to harvest the baby brine shrimp is to remove the air tubing at the end of the incubation period, allow the brine shrimp to settle to the bottom and, using a separate length of flexible air tubing, gently siphon the brine shrimp out of the cone. Care must be taken that the baby brine shrimp do not become densely packed at the apex of the cone and suffocate.

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