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Freeze-dried Copepods

Freeze-dried Copepods



One of the Best Natural Foods for Fish Fry and Larvae

Tank Tested Freeze Dried Copepods

Copepods are acknowledged to be one of the best natural foods for fish fry and larvae because of their nutrient value and digestibility.

Used extensively in commercial aquaculture in Japan, Korea, and Europe, copepods are considered superior to artemia in terms of HUFA content and fatty acid composition.

Brine Shrimp Direct has secured a high-quality product that is harvested from brackish water ponds, filtered, washed, and freeze-dried to retain natural food value.

Applicable to both marine and freshwater aquaria, the copepod, Apocyclops royi, has only recently been harvested in commercial quantities for use in the aquaria industry and is avidly sought by ornamental fish breeders worldwide.

Use and Benefits of Freeze-dried Copepods

Feeding and handling are simple. Culture costs are lowered; and survival of fish larvae — especially when fed copepods in conjunction with live or frozen artemia — is increased.

Typical Analysis

45% protein (proximate analysis pending).

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