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Take the guesswork out of preparing saltwater solutions.


Make Perfect Hatching Solutions Every Time

This is a high-quality, precision glass hydrometer that allows you to quickly measure salinity in the density range of 1.000 to 1.220 in 0.002 increments.

A hydrometer quickly pays for itself by enabling you to prepare accurate brine shrimp egg hatching solutions that will, in turn, maximize the hatch-out performance of your brine shrimp eggs.

A desired solution of 25 ppt (parts per thousand), ideal for hatching Great Salt Lake brine shrimp egg, equates to 1.018 on the easy-to-read hydrometer scale. A standard seawater solution of 34 ppt equates to 1.025.

Approximate length: 12". Calibrated at 60°F.

Made in the U.S.A.



And if you want to create an even more controlled environment for your brine shrimp, our combination hydrometer & thermometer package is just the answer.

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